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Shirley Johnson

"I want to thank Accent Call Center for helping me make a wonderful change in our lives. You helped me to become closer and be better informed about how my Dad is doing on a day-to-day basis! I can't see our lives without your wonderful service."

Rodger Zimmerman

"There is only one thing that I can say! Your services is wonderful I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a handle on knowing how your loved one is doing day-to-day!"

Carolyn Stienmore

"My husband and I have schedules that interfere with us checking on my mom like we should. When we found out about Accent Call Center, we said we would give it a try. We are so glad that we did! We had never heard of a service like this! We have been dedicated for awhile now! Thank you Accent Call Center, for your service changed our lives!"

Sheila Thomas

"My entire family loves our Accent Call Center service! We couldn't imagine being without it! We have it for our grandma. She totally enjoys the awesome service! She also loves being a part of the Caring Companion Service. It brightens her day! It gives her someone to talk too! I would tell anyone who is away from their mom, dad, or grandparents."

We Keep Families Connected!

We Provide You with a Day To Day Life-Line to Your Loved Ones!

  • Call Us at 1-314-266-4999
  • Verification Care Check Questionnaire
  • We Call You Directly
  • We Can Text You
  • Send a Daily Email
  • Send A Confidential Recording

We are dedicated to providing you with the comfort of knowing your loved ones are okay. We provide busy people the assurance that our Safety Verification Representatives will make a friendly, confidential, and daily call to check on the safety and health of your loved ones, giving you peace of mind.

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